Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safe and Sound

You know what, I made it home. In one piece (barely)

Unfortunately, my last day in New York City was marred by a particularly bad case of food poisoning (maybe?). I'm blaming the pizza, shady, shady pizza. I am eternally thankful for the amazing women who were there for me, when I was vomiting all over the place. I am also very thankful for Jami Forshee, she helped me not die in the airport on Sunday morning. :)

A little bit about being at Bluestockings in NYC though, it was amazing. It is still a career goal of mine to open a book store like that one, though maybe I would sell used books instead of new ones. The thing that is so crazy about Bluestockings is that all the people who run the store volunteer their time and do not get paid for it. Even the owners, of which there are four, have to have other jobs because they aren't able to make enough profit. All the money goes towards paying rent, buying books, buying things for the cafe, and keeping up the store. It makes me kind of sad that these amazing people don't get what they deserve for all their hard work. As much as the atmosphere rocked, I don't know if I would be able to do that. I work two jobs right now and it is very stressful, but imagining owning a store AND having another job just to live. It's crazy, the things people do. I saw so many Barnes and Nobles/Borders bookstores, if they were not around, I wonder if this little bookstore would be able to make a profit?
So, the least I can do is advertise a little bit for them. Here is their website again: www.bluestockings.com
If you are ever in the East Village of New York City, I really suggest you visit here. The people are great, the coffee is good, and most importantly the book selection is AMAZING.

I feel like so many things went on during this past week in New York that my thoughts are very jumbled. The week seemed so long, but at the same time very short. All of a sudden it was Friday, then Saturday, and finally Sunday. Unfortunately, my feelings towards New York are marred because the last memory of it I have is being really sick. Bad. It was amazing though. I can write more about people and places as I think of them. Later.

Since being home, things are back to semi-normal. I found out one of my beloved cats, Nugget, has allergies. Apparently when cats get allergies they lick their bellies and Nug has licked almost all the fur off her belly. My poor baby, I now understand why she is such a bitch sometimes. I have to give her Children's Benadryl, we'll see how that goes.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, I'm hanging out with my Nana. She's my favorite.


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